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Acemos Building Solutions is a multidisciplinary company with a wide experience in leading and managing project teams through the complex planning, design and construction processes.

We get involved in all phases of the life cycle of a project, offering our clients an effective control of deadlines, costs and quality, monitoring the key aspects of the project in all its phases, in order to provide an independent, executive, useful and real time information that allows a greater level of control and cost savings for your investment.

In this way, the developer, designer, management and construction manager works for a common goal: customer satisfaction and project success.

Our hallmarks are the quality of our work, commitment to the client, accumulated experience and teamwork. We believe in excellence and provide the best efficient solutions.

With corporate headquarters in Pamplona (Navarra), we have offices in Navarra and Galicia, in addition to external collaborations in different areas of the Spanish territory, such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Basque Country, etc.

Ofrecemos el Servicio Integral de Proyectos:

  • Arquitectura e Ingeniería
  • Proyect Management
  • Construction Management
  • Promoción Delegada
  • Consultoría

Algunos datos relevantes en base a la experiencia del equipo técnico que conforma Acemos Building Solutions:

  • Más de 15,000 m2 y de 10 proyectos de oficinas
  • 60 promociones residenciales con más de 2.000 viviendas ejecutadas
  • Más de 40,000 m2 de naves industriales
  • Más de 200,000 m2 y de 10 proyectos hospitalarios
  • Más de 15,000 m2 en proyectos hoteleros

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ACEMOS, con sedes en Galicia y Navarra, desarrolla su actividad profesional en todo el ámbito nacional.


Simón Fernández  679 967 962

Calle Fiunchedo 9B | 15160 Sada, A Coruña


Patxi Lapetra  616 103 034

Carretera de Artica 29, Planta 6 Of.4 | Pamplona